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Relationships are key to any effective classroom culture.  When you think about the relationships you had as a child and growing up, what are some of the thoughts that come up?  Was it a teacher? A coach? Choir director? Neighbor? Parent? Friend?  Whoever comes up for you, as an educator, it’s the relationships we build with our students which help us reach them in a way that promotes and encourages their academic and social success in school. 

YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT  YOU DON'T KNOW. As a first year teacher, there are a lot of unsaid challenges that we face as educators.  Let me walk you through how to navigate those challenges you don't even see and be prepared with relevant and effective problem solving solutions from dealing with students, teachers, parents, and administrators.  

The first hurdle you have to climb in the classroom is having effective classroom management.  If you can't handle the students in your room, you can' t get through a lesson.  Click here to download the 5 Day Classroom Management Challenge. This challenge will equip you with strategies to build meaningful relationships with your students.